The Cuban Swing Express

Melon’s latest Project is The Cuban Swing Express, which he formed after years of touring the world with different artists. The Cuban Swing Express comprises 10 of the best and most talented Cuban musicians living in Europe. They made their debut at L’Alhambra Theater in Paris in December 2014. The group combines a mix of traditional and bold new sounds in a distinctive format with a repertoire combining compositions by Perez Prado, Benny Moré, Ernesto Lecuona, reworked Herbie Hancock, Michael Jackson and Rolling Stones songs as well as, «Melon’s» own compositions. “Melon” comes from a musical family. His father, Ricardo Gonzalez Duquesne, former director of the renowned 60s Orquesta de Música Moderna de Pinar del Rio was a major childhood influence. The Cuban Swing Express goes back to the sound of that era, but adds current elements; creating a fresh and completely original musical mixture. Ivan “Melon” Lewis & The Cuban Swing Express guarantees to bring the house down!


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